What is wordpress and its explanation

What is wordpress? Maybe many of us don’t know what wordpress is, but if you are familiar with the world of blogging, this one term is familiar. Because wordpress is very alienated from bloggers. Now before we discuss wordpress further, we must first know that the “parent” of wordpress is the CMS. What is a CMS? CMS stands for Content Management System, which means a system that functions to manage the content (content) of a website. WordPress is a CMS, but CMS is not necessarily wordpress. I see? So WordPress is a platform / tool / system that functions to manage website content. WordPress is the number one choice for most bloggers around the world. Why is that? The main reason is wordpress is free! Yes, 100% free.

If it’s free, why pay for domains and hosting?

Now this is often mistaken among novice bloggers. Domain and hosting are not CMS. Like this, you have the ebook file, this ebook is free for you to read, share or use in any form. But, if an ebook is printed as a book, we have to pay for the printing, right? A clearer analogy like this. If it is likened to a website which is a manufacturer, then the domain address. For example Internet Marketing Street number 28. Then Hosting is likened to a factory building. Well, we have 2 options for hosting or renting. Yes, like we want to rent a factory building or build it ourselves.

While the domain is mandatory to buy from a network provider, based in America there. All domain sellers worldwide are retailers of the domain provider themselves. Because creating your own hosting and domain is expensive, it’s best to just rent it. Obviously, the domain is the factory address, the hosting is the factory building. Now, while wordpress is a manufacturer of equipment such as machines, etc. And the great wordpress engine is free! We just need to pay for the domain rental and hosting on the go! So, domain and hosting are different from wordpress development companies. We don’t pay for domains and hosting at wordpress developer, but we are free to buy anywhere.

I think I understand, what is wordpress and the analogy? Apart from being free, of course there are many factors that make wordpress the number 1 blogger choice.WordPress itself is already used by 60 million websites in the world! This is really a fantastic number, right? So, there is no need to doubt the quality of this wordpress engine. So there’s no need to doubt the quality of this CMS? Because there are millions of websites that use, this wordpress will always be updated. So, we don’t have to worry that our CMS engine will be outdated. Because wordpress has been supported by many developers, and of course wordpress features and security increases.

Then, what about wordpress in Indonesia?

If the global scale wordpress is very popular, but what about Indonesia? In Indonesia wordpress is also popular, especially among bloggers and web developers. This is great, right? Why should you choose wordpress as your main CMS platform? To be sure, here are some of the advantages of WordPress over the others:

  1. WordPress is definitely free, for personal or commercial use.
  2. We are free to customize it to any website we want, from website portals, online shops and even social media!
  3. With wordpress you can create a website in 5 MINUTES! If you have advanced 1 minute you can, because just click install.
  4. There are many themes and plugins available both free and paid.
  5. Regular updates from thousands and even millions of programmers around the world, so that features and security systems are always maintained.
  6. Because wordpress users are millions of people, it is very easy to find learning references. And support from the wordpress community which makes it very easy for us when we have difficulties around wordpress.

Of course there are more reasons to make you better choose wordpress than any other CMS, but I didn’t list them all. More or less like the 6 advantages of wordpress above. This advantage makes wordpress last for 13 years from 2003 until now. With a very diverse clientele, from lower level to large company level.

Source : Apa itu wordpress dan Penjelasannya