What is Shopify and what it explains

It cannot be denied that the advancement of the internet is very influential on various aspects of human life, including the business domain that migrates in cyberspace to carry out various business activities. You can view online shops offering merchandise on your device screen when connected to the internet. One of them on Shopify is increasingly being seen by entrepreneurs from various castes. What is Shopify?

Shopify is ……

The growing market on the internet today has succeeded in attracting many people to join in making profits in online business. Many fad startups try their luck to seasoned entrepreneurs who bring their businesses onto the internet for competition. Shopify, which was popular overseas at first, has been officially present in the country for several years now. The platform is in high demand to open a more beginner friendly online shop. Shopify offers many features that can be used to start an online business through a series of international-style online shops with full features. Of course, this kind of shop was what merchants and consumers alike wanted.

Shopify is an eCommerce platform for creating an online store instantly without demanding coding skills and other technical expertise. Even so, the ability of the online store that you create quickly and easily still has the features and functionality of an online store that should be. You can also determine what the online store looks like. You can also integrate your shop with WordPress for a more practical content management flow. Some of the other advantages that make you more interested in using Shopify include;

  • It has been used by hundreds of thousands of active traders in the world to become the largest online shop platform provider company
  • Technology that allows any merchant to sell goods online and offline
  • Online shops on Shopify can use custom domains (their own domain name)
  • Allows merchants to create gift cards or create coupon codes that can be integrated into the shopping process
  • Merchants can also create their own online shop blog with the aim of facilitating content marketing
  • It has been integrated with credit card payments and other payment methods without incurring additional fees, using other software or even hiring third party services
  • It has been integrated with the Point of Sales (POS) so no fees or other software is required
  • Shopify Mobile to process orders only from a smartphone
  • Shopify Gurus for technical team and 24/7 customer service assistance
  • Has an integrated analytics system to monitor sales
  • Integrated SEO system to ensure the online store ranks well in Google search results
  • Server capabilities are classified as optimal to support potential sales
  • Order processing and payments are guaranteed by Security Level 1 PCI Compliant
  • There is a feature to sell SKU products without restrictions
  • New features are offered at no additional cost

Your online shop will also be hosted by Shopify itself. This means you can take advantage of the online shop platform on Shopify without the need to purchase hosting with a separate domain. Shopify offers an online shop platform with a subscription system with a 2 week trial period to try out the features in it. After the trial period, you are free to decide to continue or close the shop. Shopify is a leading name in the online shop developer community and it naturally duplicates it as a site builder. With over half a million eCommerce stores powered by Shopify, there must be something for everyone, right? Let’s take a closer look at what’s on offer and see if it fits your needs.

Shopify features

Even though Shopify is an eCommerce store designer, it also assumes that some developers will still use it to build one on behalf of clients and that’s a good thing to remember. Signing up takes a little more detail than I’m used to, but I think it’s helpful for online shops to gather this much information in advance. There are several free themes available, but similar to BigCommerce, there are tons of premium (expensive) themes available and you can even create your own and upload them. However, the focus remains very much on sales and that’s where I think Shopify has done really well. Shopify has good integration with third parties such as various online tool providers

If you are a salesperson, you will find that it is a good thing to offer your customer multiple payment options. Shopify has many payment options available such as PayPal credit card (via multiple gateways) and even BitCoin! There are also more traditional options like bank transfer or Cash on Delivery if you like. Uniquely, there is Shopify Payments which can be fully integrated with your store. That way everything goes through Shopify without the need for a gateway or anything. You’re also future-proof in the sense that Shopify has included a default mobile e-commerce shopping cart. This way your potential customers can shop and pay from your store right from their mobile device.

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