What is Elementor and Elementor Pro

Elementor is a page builder that replaces the old version of the WordPress editor by offering powerful features like a live front-end editor, which can shape visual layouts (no more code) and live, real-time designs, without any changes. between editors in preview mode. The trick is to log in, select a plugin, and install elements.

An Easy Way to Install Elementor Plugins on WordPress

Elementor is a page builder that replaces the old version of the WordPress editor by offering powerful features like a live front-end editor, which can shape visual layouts (no more code) and live, real-time designs, without any changes. between editors in preview mode. Here’s how to install Elementor plugins on wordpress:

  1. Enter the login page

The first thing to do is to log into the wordpress web admin system. Make sure that the username and password you enter are correct username and password.

  1. Go to Dashboard and Select Plugin Menu

After logging in, they are immediately directed to the dashboard page. After that, select the plugins menu.

  1. Add New to Plugin Menu

Then click on the Add New button which is located to the right of the Plugin header.

  1. Add New to Plugin Menu

After that it will be redirected to the plugin’s search page, because we only need the element plugin so type the keyword element into the search text box. After that, do a search on plugins. If the Element plugin appears, then install and activate the plugin.

  1. Elementor Plugin is already installed

If you can perform the installation and activation, then the installed plugins can be seen in the plugins menu.

what is elementor and elementor pro

Elementor Review

There are many page builders that I have tried, ranging from free ones like homepage, live composer, wp page builder to premium visual composer page builder, even I have an additional license that I bought in jungle for visual composer page builder. Compared to all the page builders I’ve used, I’m more interested in using the elements page builder, which is very easy to use and uses an open source license. One of the really interesting features is the mobile library and editing (Elements version 0.8.0+). Apart from that there are more than 28+ widgets and counting, 2 widgets currently in the plan are the ones and the countdown widget. Just wait for the latest version of Elementor.

Elementor Key Features

Launched with an open source license but with better features than the current premium page builder. That element. The page builder has the main features, drag and drop with live preview, no need to wait for it to be stored in the database. With more than 28 widget elements which are very flexible and you can customize the layout and style of each element you can easily create the landing page you want.

Element Setting

All the widget elements available on the element can be styled. Everything is in the style tab of the element when you insert the widget. On that tab, you can set the style for each element, from the color of the element, the size of the element, the paragraphs to the typeface. Your features can make your design more beautiful and beautiful. Additionally there are layout settings on the Home tab. Here you can customize from margin, padding, animation, background, border and responsiveness. The settings are very complete and of course very user friendly. So that makes the design more fun.

Elementor Section and Column

All page builders should have this feature, but there are some elemental features that make it even more special. Resize column feature, you no longer need to make a design with the column size itself, with the column size feature of the element or, you can easily change the column width you want. Enough with the slide column only. all you have to do is slide on the dotted line in the column, and you can adjust the column width as you want, besides that there are features of column gap, content width, height and content position that you can use. So that not only the appearance of the elements that you can adjust, but also the sections and columns that you can easily adjust.

Elementor Responsive Previewing

This feature is very powerful, you no longer need to open your phone and tablet, with this feature you can see it directly from the page builder elements. So you no longer have to guess what design will display on all devices. Here are the devices you can see in Element:

  • Desktop
  • Tablet (Size 768px)
  • Mobile (360px size)

You can see the image above, you can click on one device, you can edit it directly on the live device view and in real time, this feature is still very rare in other page builders.

Elementor Library

With the library feature, you can easily import your work from one site to another. I myself prefer to edit the pages on localhost and import them directly on the live site to then just replace the images, because the results are imported, the images will not be imported and will display the default image elements. Apart from the 20+ available landing page designs available which are given away for free only directly from the plugin.

Mobile Editing

This feature is available if you are using the latest element version. This feature is used to edit the display in mobile browsers. Here you can edit padding, margins, paragraphs, font size and more. Not only responsive design but also can make your website look more perfect on your mobile. You can edit the mobile version live preview according to your mobile screen, so that you no longer need to experience what the design will be like on mobile, because everything is done by live preview and seen directly on the mobile screen displayed on the page builder.

Other features

RTL support, this page builder is made by Israeli citizens who use the habrew language, where all the writing is almost the same as Arabic from right to left, so the RTL feature is highly considered in this feature. WordPress widget editing. Not only default widgets of editable elements, but also wordpress widgets that you can edit on this page builder. It only edits standard fields only. You can’t edit styles and more. 600 Google fonts available. There are quite a few fonts that you can use to modify each element. You can change each letter in an element using fonts from Google fonts. Fast loading, goodbye bloating. No more slow words in page builders. The reason I never use the page builder is because it’s complicated, loads a lot,and consumes a lot of server resources. But not with this one, on this website, I am using elements as a page builder. This is a page builder I use directly on the main website.

Elementor Price?

You no longer need to pay for the full features of this page builder, it’s all free and you can use it on all your domains for yourself and your clients because this plugin is launched with an open source license.

Elementor template

While you can actually build a website from scratch using Elementor the page builder alone has more than 100 templates ready to be redesigned and used. Many templates are available and pre-designed. This template includes everything from:

  • Homepage
  • Landing Pages
  • Contact page
  • Service List page
  • Pricing page
  • Coming Soon Page
  • Login page

You can use a template to make a website easier, and of course enough to do some editing and customization. You can also save your own page designs to the Elementor library to quickly reuse them.

Use Elementor if?

  • I like being able to edit text right on the page (in-line editing)
  • I like to use lots of advanced elements and responsive design options
  • I’d like to have lots of pre-made website templates
  • It’s imperative that my page builder leaves clean code if I ever disable it.

Using the Elementor Plugin for WordPress

This plugin can design ALL MACEM web designs and your needs to create a website. What limits its use is only the limitations of your own insight. If you can compare, a plugin that can make yesterday’s type is INSTABUILDER or free also SHORTCODE ULTIMATE. But the element of kindness. The summary of its functions is:

  1. Create a Salespage
  2. Creating a Landingpage
  3. Create an Online Store
  4. Personal Web
  5. Web Shop online
  6. Company Profile
  7. Thank You Page

Elementor weakness

Yes product name, nothing is perfect. There must be a weakness. If this plugin, he in some experience happened to several friends. It just crashes with the Jectpack plugin and the Cache plugin. But, I am sure that when the developer continues to be given input in the future, the crash with this plugin has been resolved. The easiest way is if the plugin doesn’t work, so just disable some of the other plugins which could cause the elemental plug-in to crash. Certain themes may conflict structure with the element plugins, sometimes causing these plugins to malfunction. Simple, shut down, disable stuck plugins. Look for other plugins that have the same functionality to replace. If you are using cloudflare / cache, it can also be temporarily disabled so that real-time changes from plugins you are working with can be felt.

Elementor PRO’s advantages over the free ones

If you’re currently looking for a reference to read about the benefits of Elementor Pro over the free version, then you’re on the right track. Because I tried to cover all the advantages of using the wp pro plugp element. But before you know the elements, there’s a lot to explain what the elements are. We can both call it the Elementr Pro Wp Plugin.

Elementor Pro Wp plugin

Is a page builder or web page creation program in the form of a plug-in that runs on the WordPress platform. Elementor has a free version and there is a paid version. Of course, the paid version cannot be compared to the free version. But if you want to try the free version, please leave it, and enjoy it with all the limitations there.

What are Elementors for?

Every program must be designed for a purpose. Then what is the purpose of this Element? What does it do? Elementor aims to make it easier for you to create web pages without having to get tired of thinking about coding, the careful programming language you know. Even people who don’t speak programming languages ​​can do it. With Elementor you can make web pages easy and simple, elegant & cool, such as for:

  • Company Profile
  • Landing page
  • Thank you page
  • Portfolio
  • Sales page or offer page
  • Online store
  • And much more. Now that you know what Element is, there are free and paid versions which are also intended for what Elementor is.


Elementor is one of the best free page builders out there. This page builder is very easy to use and there aren’t too many options to give you a headache building design pages. All settings are designed according to user requirements. The lack of a builder feature in the dashboard made this plugin attractive to me. Yes, the page builder must be set on the front page not on the dashboard, so that the dashboard display remains clean without the settings that burden us when writing pages or posts. When you are choosing a page builder make sure it fits your needs, never use more than one page builder as that will make your website heavier and of course use more resources. So if you want to use elements, make sure this is what you need.

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