What is a TLD Domain and its Types

Domain is a naming system for providing addresses for servers and web pages themselves. Similar to the international telephone number system.

The DNS or Domain Name System and better known as the domain gives each address (website) name with elements that are easy to understand and remember.

Do any of you want to have your own website? If there is, you need to know the name Top Level Domain or TLD for short. Top Level Domain is the last component of a domain name. Or simply put, Top Level Domain is the part after the ‘dot’ component of the URL address.

In Indonesia, there are many Top Level Domains, you can adjust the TLD according to the function of the website. Because it is adapted to the function of the website, TLD will help the audience to recognize the website before even opening the website. From the registered TLDs, the audience can estimate whether the website is being used by government, education, online shops or organizations.

TLD Domain Types

TLDs are divided into three categories, namely country code TLDs, generic TLDs and sponsored TLDs.

1. TLD country code

Is a TLD that identifies where a website is coming from, for example like .id for Indonesia or .my for Malaysia.

An extension used for websites located in a specific country. As an example. .ID is an extension specifically provided for websites in Indonesia. So, it’s impossible to find a website with a .id domain with Chinese main content.

2. Generic TLD or Global TLD

Generic Top Level Domain is a TLD that is used for general purposes, for example, .com, .net, .org, or .info.

Most consist of 3 letters or more. Extensions that fall into the gTLD type can be used freely by anyone, no matter where they come from except .mil and .gov which can only be used by the United States Government.

So, if you come across a website that has a .mil domain, it must belong to the United States military. Also .gov.

If the gTLD is further dissected, 2 sub-classifications will be found, namely sponsored TLD (sTLD) which is only owned by companies, organizations, associations, government agencies and individuals in certain sponsorship fields such as .aero, .coop and. museum. Meanwhile, another sub-classification is for extensions that do not have a sponsorship relationship with gTLDs. Usually called (non-sponsored TLD (uTLD), eg. Biz, .info, .name, and .pro.

3. Infrastructure TLD

This top level domain infrastructure is still very foreign. This TLD is predicted to specialize in certain infrastructure projects. There are only 2 types of new domains registered, namely .arpa and .root.

what is a tld domain and its types

Example of a Popular TLD Domain

For more details, here are some of the most popular TLD domains in Indonesia.

1. Domain .com

An example of the best known Top Level Domain is .com.

Com is short for commercial. This domain is intended for commercial websites, such as business websites or online shops.

But now many websites use the .com domain even though they are not commercial websites. Webmasters choose to use the domain because .com is very popular and easy to remember.

2. The .net domain

Domain. The net is used for websites that have a need in technology.

But now that so many people use .com, .net is the second choice after .com. There are also commercial websites that use .net domains, as they are also popular.

3. Domain .co.id

The .co.id domain is an example of Indonesian TLD. A website that uses .co.id means that the website is a company or company.

To be able to use this TLD you must complete a number of requirements such as SIUP and TDP because the .co.id domain is specifically for business websites that have legal legality such as CV and PT.

4. The .id domain

.id is also the TLD of Indonesia. This .id domain is used for individual or personal websites. The .id domain can also be used for business purposes. The requirement to buy a .id domain is enough to attach the KTP data to verify domain ownership.

5. Domain .ac.id

This domain is used specifically for websites that are in education such as campuses and universities.

Apart from using .ac.id, institutions can also use the .edu domain. Both are the same for websites that work in education.

Almost all universities in Indonesia use TLD .ac.id, while .edu is usually used by non-formal educational institutions.

6. The domain .or.id

The .or.id domain is often used by websites operating in organizations. Besides using .or.id, you can also use .org. The TLD .org also identifies websites as organizational sites.

TLD .or.id or .org can be used by all forms of organization, both organizations that have legality or non-formal organizations such as communities.

7. The .info domain

As the name suggests, .info domains are used for websites that engage in information. But now. .Info TLD is mostly used to support major websites.

Due to its supportive nature, websites with .info domains are usually filled in for the purpose of main website information.

8. The .co domain

The .co domain is known as an abbreviation for company or company, corporation, or trade. Currently .co domains are considered modern and attractive.

This TLD includes many options as it can represent a professional website whether an individual, a company or an organization. Because it’s so short, the .co TLD is also very easy to remember

9. The .biz domain

.Biz domains are used for websites that have business needs. .biz is short for business, so this TLD can be a second choice besides using a .com TLD.

Benefits of Using TLDs on Websites

The benefits and advantages that will be discussed are in business terms. It is not uncommon for us, when shopping at an online shop to question the authenticity of a website.

A professional looking website will certainly bring in more consumers, right? Therefore, for those of you who want to start an online business, you must consider a number of things such as a domain name and choose an appropriate Top Level Domain.

Using the right TLD can help a visitor or audience to remember a website name. Although it doesn’t directly affect SEO, the website can be more familiar to people, for example when you use the .com Top Level Domain.

Every entrepreneur wants his business to be trusted by his customers. The website you create must at least provide reliable information. One of the factors that increase customer trust is the use of Top Level Domains.

Your business website will be considered professional when using the right Top Level Domain. What is clear, your website will also be more prestigious than the website that is not paid.

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