What is a Domain ID and its Types

Do you have a favorite blogger? Or is there a website that you frequently visit? Well, usually behind a website or blog page, you will find the words .com, .net, .id, and so on.

What is a real domain? If you are using technical language, it is called Top Level Domain. However, most people know it as a domain extension. Simply put, you can consider the domain extension as the identity of your website later.

For example, suppose you want to create a website about sales, then a suitable domain extension would be .com. If you want to create a website that is all about Indonesia, you can use the .id domain extension.

Well, for those of you who want to create a website, it’s better to use a Domain ID. Why should you use a Domain ID? Before answering that question, We will explain more about Domain ID.

So, every country must have a national domain administrator. In Indonesia, the national domain administrator is Pandi (Indonesian Domain Name Manager). This means, Domain ID is managed by Pandi. But, that doesn’t mean you have to contact Pandi if you want to use a Domain ID.

Then, does that mean foreigners can’t use the Domain ID? Of course, I can. The condition is that he must live in Indonesia. If there are foreigners who want to set up a business or organization in Indonesia and want to create a website, Pandi will recommend using a Domain ID.

Advantages of using a Domain ID

You must be curious about the benefits of using a Domain ID. When it comes to domains, actually all have their respective advantages. It’s just that, Domain ID has more advantages than others. Let’s see what are the benefits.

1. Love Indonesian Products

As explained above, if the domain ID is the domain of Indonesian identity. So, suppose you find a website with a Domain ID extension, it must come from Indonesia. Yes, of course as Indonesian citizens, we are proud to have a unique Indonesian domain.

By using a Domain ID, this can be proof of our nationalism in cyberspace. That’s the reason why you have to use a Domain ID.

2. Familiar with Google

Today, the way Google search works is to prioritize local websites first, then international ones. For example, if you search for Indonesian housing, Google search will show you more websites with the domain.id extension.

This means, if you use a Domain ID, Google will prioritize your website appearing on the front page of Google search compared to other domain websites. The cool term, SEO friendly. So, you just need to create more attractive content so that your website is more SEO friendly.

3. Goodbye Slow Web Site

You must have experience wanting to open a website, but this site is taking too long to appear. Even though the internet signal is good.

Often experience it right? Well, you won’t experience it again if you use a Domain ID. The best thing about using a Domain ID is that your website will not be too heavy to load.

So, if you use a Domain ID, your website data will be stored on Indonesian servers. This means that if an Indonesian opens your website, it will immediately appear clearly because the server is in Indonesia. No need to eat up large bandwidth anymore.

As you may know, .com, .net, and .org domain names are very popular. Many people use this extension for various purposes.

This increases the potential for competition in domain names. But did you know that there are still not many .ID domain names. Apart from that, the number of characters is also low. You can use it as an advantage. Domain ID.

Those of you who own this domain name will see the potential for fairer competition than .com or .net which are already rampant in the world. You will definitely have a hard time finding a name for your website if you use the .com, .info, and so on extensions.

Why? Because many have used this extension. But if you use a .ID domain, then you will be able to create as many domain names as you like.

This is where you will be able to find the best solution that you can get in it. because the .ID server is in Indonesia, we can be sure that this will bring benefits to you, that is, you will be able to get faster access.

If the visitors to your site are from Indonesia, this will have a very positive impact on the SEO that your website has. So it doesn’t hurt to consider the choice of .id domain extension for your website choice.

what is a domain id and its types

Tips for Choosing the Right Domain ID for You

Of course you have found many websites with an .id extension behind not only .id but also .sch.id, .co.id, .or.id, or ponpes.id domains. What is it, actually? How can it be attached to a domain ID?

This is a type of Domain ID. So, for the sake of making it easier for people to use Domain ID, Pandi provides additional extensions in Domain ID. The goal is that the site is created in line with the reason the site was created.

For example, if you want to create a site about buying and selling, then you are more suitable to use .co.id. If there is a school that wants to build a website, it is more suitable to use .sch.id.

That’s the reason you have to use a Domain ID. Let your business align with your website. Still confused ? This is a more complete explanation.

1. Domain .co.id

The .co.id domain is reserved for use by companies. If there is a company in Indonesia that wants to create a website, it is most suitable to use the .co.id domain. It’s just that legality requirements such as SIUP and TDP are needed when submitting the domain.

2. The sch.id domain

From the name, you can certainly guess what the .sch.id domain is for. Yes that’s right, for education. Sch stands for school or school often used by education service providers. Universities, schools, and even kindergartens can use the .sch.id domain.

3. Domain .Or.id

Want your organization or community to be better known online? Just use the .or.id domain. .Or.id domain specifically for organizations. So, if all organizations in Indonesia want to create a website, use domain.or.id

4. Domain .ponpes.id

If there is a boarding school or pesantren, can you create a website? Of course, I can! Pandi has provided a .ponpes.id domain for Islamic boarding schools who want to build a website. Apart from being an information portal, creating a website for Islamic boarding schools will make the pondok more credible.

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