The Role of Website Audit

For those of you who own a blog or website, you should be familiar with the terms website audit. Although many people already know it, but it is not uncommon for it to still be considered a less important activity. If you are one of them, do not be surprised if a complaint arises if you do not audit the website, such as small conversions, despite a lot of traffic, reduced website visitors and many other possibilities. issues you will encounter about your website.

What exactly is an audit website?

Self-understanding can be equated with the automotive world. Why is that? Assuming your website is a vehicle you own, a website audit is a series of technical inspections that must be performed to determine if your vehicle is healthy and meets standards. So in conclusion, this is a systematic review of the website by comparing the current condition of your website with the ideal or should be.

How important is a website audit?

Talking about the importance of doing a website audit, the answer is very important. It may be that some people who own a website still care a lot as long as they have enough traffic and conversions. Even if the website owner also pays attention to the importance of auditing on his website, it will make traffic and conversions higher. Website auditing is essential because it can determine and evaluate the extent to which your website is present in the online world. In other words, you can see how difficult your website is to compete with millions of other websites to look ahead and be seen by visitors. The higher your website is in the online world, the easier it will be for visitors to find the website you own. Not only that,by doing an audit you can find out what your website lacks on each page of your website and can find things that need to be fixed on your website.

What to do on the audit website

In short, what needs to be done on the audit website is to identify benchmarks or review potential problems on the website. Then compile and compare applicable SEO standards. Plan and implement the latest changes back to Benchmar identification. For more details, the following steps need to be done on the audit website, including:

Benchmark identification or review

Reviewing your website can be done using a website audit tool, on the other hand most of the tools are paid and of course not cheap, up to $ 69.95 per month. But do not worry because there are still free tools available and it is definitely legal. This tool is semrush, you can search the website so you can use this service. In this service you are required to first register a new account by entering your email address and password. Once the account you have registered is verified, they will have the opportunity to perform a free audit.

You will automatically be taken to the dashboard page and then move your cursor to the left sidebar menu, select site audit and fill in the required fields there such as; project name can be filled in with the project name you own, the domain must be filled in with the domain name of the URL you are going to audit, max page limit can be filled in 2000, schedule is filled once, my email is not checked. After filling in the fields you can select Create Project followed by Start Audit. If the website you own is one of the big websites, it may take about a day or two, so you can leave it first.

Collect SEO data

After completing the audit, you will be shown the total score of the value of your audit website. The higher the value of food the better. There is a Total Problem that indicates what is being tested, in the Writing error section means something needs to be fixed immediately. Thereafter, it should also be corrected after the error section, which is contained in the warning section, and finally the notification section in this section to view the full audit report directed to the View All Issues Link.

Next on the View All Issues Link page will be displayed all the information about the things tested in the audit. Looks like broken Internal Links, External Links, Image Not Found, Error Pages, and more. To find out the details of the problem, you can click on one of the problems. For example, if you select the Broken Internal Links section, you will be presented with all links that have problems or are no longer connected to the website you own. You can save all of the reports with the above issues in an excel file to share with your team if you have a team managing your website.

Compare standards and problem analysis

After identifying problems with previously obtained audit reports, check what is recommended in the report. Not only that, you can also compare your website reports with other websites. Critical analysis of the problem and need to be fixed immediately so as not to interfere with the performance of your website.

Plan and make improvements

Improvements to the issues in the audit website report should be planned immediately. Good planning will result in good audit improvements. Continuing to make improvements will at least improve optimal results and new problems can also be addressed immediately and not too much.

Source : Peranan Penting Website Audit