amp for wp pro review best amp plugin of 2020

AMP for WP Pro Review Best AMP Plugin of 2020

Implementing AMP on wordpress makes websites very quickly accessible from mobile networks. Website performance increases 4-8 times faster than without AMP. If previously your wordpress website was fast enough and mobile friendly, then with AMP the access speed will increase rapidly, load time is lightning fast, blazing speed, stable, and more than just mobile friendly. Blog visitors also feel comfortable, no need to wait for a long …


what is google suite

What is Google Suite

Having an email with a company domain such as is one of the important things, because it is related to prestige, professional image and company identity. With G Suite, creating an email address with a corporate domain is very easy with a fully featured gmail interface with a user friendly interface. What is Google Suite Services G Suite is a cloud-based service package that lets you do anything, …


what is instagram ads

What is Instagram Ads

Instagram has become a familiar social media platform for people around the world. Now it has reached more than 1 billion users. This data for online businesses is a profitable opportunity to market their products and to be able to reach more potential customers. Realizing the commercial opportunities that could be obtained, IG then launched a new feature, Instagram Ads in October 2013. Without taking long, this …


what is twitter ads

What is Twitter Ads

Do you know the advantages of Twitter marketing that are currently being carried out by many? Twitter as a free social network is currently widely used by businesses to carry out online marketing actions. Not only small companies use Twitter accounts as a promotional tool, currently various large companies in the world also use Twitter as their way of doing cyber marketing. What is Twitter Ads …


what is youtube ads

What is Youtube Ads

It seems that in this millennium, almost everyone knows Youtube. Especially with the ease of making videos that can even be done using just a smartphone, Youtube is more successful because more and more people can upload their own videos for others to watch. Not a few people or groups have become famous since diligently uploading their videos on Youtube, call it Gita Savitri Devi, who …


what is website speed ​​optimization

What Is Website Speed ​​Optimization

Website speed is a measure of a website’s good and bad rankings. Poor speed causes many visitors not to visit your website because the page content takes too long to load. The bounce rate is high, leading to poor search engine rankings, and your website never ranks well in the search results. There are 2 very important points related to the effects of bad website speed: …


what is a cdn content delivery network

What is a CDN Content Delivery Network

CDN is a server network system for distributing the content in a web application to various users in different parts of the world so that data and content is transmitted faster. CDN is intended for websites or apps that want to be quickly accessed wherever visitors are in the world. So, for example, we who are in Indonesia, want to access a web site with a …


what is backlink and pbn

What is BACKLINK and PBN

Search Engine Optіmіzatіon (SEO) has various aspects that must be considered and become an important part that cannot be forgotten. Starting from keywords to backlinks. Especially for backlics, this is actually one of the very important parts of SEO, but it’s hard to get. How did that happen? Because the criteria for getting quality backliknk cannot be picked up quickly. It takes a long time and slowly to build a …


what is elementor and elementor pro

What is Elementor and Elementor Pro

Elementor is a page builder that replaces the old version of the WordPress editor by offering powerful features like a live front-end editor, which can shape visual layouts (no more code) and live, real-time designs, without any changes. between editors in preview mode. The trick is to log in, select a plugin, and install elements. An Easy Way to Install Elementor Plugins on WordPress Elementor is a …


what is generatepress and generatepress premium

What is GeneratePress and GeneratePress Premium

GeneratePress is a free, responsive wordpress theme that is built with fast loads, SEO, and can be used for business and blogging purposes. With this theme you can make your website the way you want using Customzer and see the changes happening right in front of you before you publish them. GeneratePress mobile responsiveness, W3C Valіdated Markup, integrated Mіcrodata, search engine friendly, browser compatible …