what is online shop marketplace and e commerce

What is Online Shop, Marketplace and E-commerce

What is the difference between an online store and an offline store? Most of you are familiar with these two types of shops. As you know, nowadays online shopping is more popular with buyers because it is considered more practical and easier. When shopping online, you may also come across various items not found in offline stores. If you shop online a lot, of course online shop, marketplace …


what is a personal website

What is a Personal Website

Changes that occur due to technological developments make us refer to the internet for everyday life. You name it when you want to find information, you are more likely to visit the Google site, rather than asking directly. When looking for directions, you will use the Waze app or Google Maps instead of asking pedestrians. It also affects your career, the sophistication of social technology sometimes makes …


what is a company website or company profile

What is a Company Website or Company Profile

Website or commonly abbreviated as website is a page of information provided via the internet so that it can be accessed around the world as long as it is connected to the internet network. Website is an online communication tool that uses internet media in its distribution. Whatever the language, we certainly agree that a website is a collection of pages that display information about text …


what is home property agent website

What is Home Property Agent Website

The Property Agent Website is none other than a web that sells various property products such as houses, apartments and land. In an era of increasingly fierce business competition, marketers are increasingly looking for ways to sell their products to clients so that targets are achieved. In the midst of this massive digital development, the property business marketers also don’t want to lose. So, one way …


what is news magazine s news website

What is News Magazine’s News Website

A website is a collection of information in the form of electronic pages or web pages. Websites are generally linked to a specific bookmark address. Bookmark addresses are called domains, for example. evomaya.com, google.com or facebook.com. A news website generally consists of text, images, tables, graphics, quotes, videos, music, and other visual formats that are of interest to website visitors. This website is usually publicly accessible. Most websites can …


what is a tour travel website

What is a Tour & Travel Website

Based on wikipedia , tourism in Indonesia is an important economic sector. In 2009, tourism ranked third in terms of foreign exchange earnings after oil and gas commodities and palm oil. Based on 2016 data, the number of foreign tourists who came to Indonesia was more than 11,525,963 million or grew by 10.79% compared to the previous year. Natural and cultural wealth is an important component of tourism in …


what is a website landingpage and salespage

What is a Website Landingpage and Salespage

Based on wikipedia , nowadays online shopping procedures can be done more easily. When a buyer is interested in the intended item, he can simply make a phone call with the seller or type an SMS or WhatsApp according to the rules. After the message is received, the buyer is usually required to transfer a sum of money to the seller’s account and the goods purchased will be sent either …


what is website maintenance

What is Website Maintenance

The longer the amount of content on the internet has increased, and in March 2020 the Google search engine market share reached 91.98%, the rest was filled with search engines, bing, yahoo, yandex and others. This makes Google the largest search engine in the world and google is constantly updating its search algorithm to ensure only high quality websites can appear on the search engine …


what is google adword

What is Google Adword

As a business person, one of the effective ways to promote the products offered is to advertise the product. Both with online advertising and advertisements in print media. Advertising is very important for your business needs. For those of you who are in business, advertising can provide great opportunities for the development of your business. In this digital era, there are many advertising opportunities to be shown …