what is a website landingpage and salespage

What is a Website Landingpage and Salespage

Based on wikipedia , nowadays online shopping procedures can be done more easily. When a buyer is interested in the intended item, he can simply make a phone call with the seller or type an SMS or WhatsApp according to the rules. After the message is received, the buyer is usually required to transfer a sum of money to the seller’s account and the goods purchased will be sent either …


what is website maintenance

What is Website Maintenance

The longer the amount of content on the internet has increased, and in March 2020 the Google search engine market share reached 91.98%, the rest was filled with search engines, bing, yahoo, yandex and others. This makes Google the largest search engine in the world and google is constantly updating its search algorithm to ensure only high quality websites can appear on the search engine …


what is google adword

What is Google Adword

As a business person, one of the effective ways to promote the products offered is to advertise the product. Both with online advertising and advertisements in print media. Advertising is very important for your business needs. For those of you who are in business, advertising can provide great opportunities for the development of your business. In this digital era, there are many advertising opportunities to be shown …