List of Websites for Writing Presentations Online

Speaking in front of many people must be authoritative and be able to present the material well. It must be supported by attractive slides. For that, try using a free online presentation creation website so that the audience doesn’t get bored. In fact, several selected platforms provide a lot of convenience when using it. Because it is equipped with various interesting features. Presentation is the activity of speaking in front of people about certain information. Can be done online via teleconference and offline applications, namely face to face. In presenting it, the material presented is in the form of soft files or slides and haandouts in paper form.

On the slides there is a variety of information in the form of images, text, graphics, tables, and others. To display it requires an attractive layout so it is not boring. Hence, various applications have emerged to online presentation websites. Various websites provide the best features to help users make presentation materials look professional, attractive and sophisticated. In addition, the ease of saving and editing is also a mainstay of each so that it can be used with various platforms.

Various Kinds of Websites for Online Presentation

If you’re bored with the slide templates you have, it doesn’t hurt to try one of the various online presentation apps. Here is some information on various websites to enhance your slideshow of material:


Canva is a piece of software that can be accessed via a website and an application on a smartphone. Its function is not only for editing for photo purposes but also for making presentation slides. Can be accessed free or paid with various features. How to use it is quite easy, please visit the website then select a list, create a presentation design, and choose your screen resolution so that when displayed is not distracting. Decide on the template you want to use and don’t forget to save it. The material can also be edited later.


Prezi provides a variety of tools used to create online or offline slides. One of the mainstay features is the zoom in and out which can be used to make presentations more memorable. There are two versions, paid or free for general users. How to use it is also easy, by registering first. After that, you can make the slide of your wish immediately. Select ‘new Prezi’ in template form. Edit as needed by adding text, images, graphics, and more. Also, don’t forget to save it.

Google Slides

Google lovers can use their service to create presentation materials, Slides. Some of the excellent features are templates, layouts, animations, import video and audio, and images. It can also import links from various types of extensions such as .ppt, .odp and more. It’s also easy to use it by going to Google Drive by selecting the New option and you will see Slides at the bottom, then select the template you want to use. Please be creative in making materials using the tools in it.


Slides is an online presentation creation website using express.js as an open source presentation framework. It can be used for CSS editing, revision history, transitions, and has a variety of themes available. In addition, it can be accessed from a smartphone or laptop. It starts with logging in for the first time with an account, if you don’t have one you can register for free. Then, you can immediately use the various features in it to create and edit material slides.


Visme provides tools for creating presentations, infographics and more. Not only that, users can also import videos from Youtube and Vimeo. You can take advantage of various features such as themes, graphics, charts, widgets, banners, icons, automatic speed checks and even online editing. Log in first on the website or log in if you already have an account to be able to access various features for making online presentations. Select the Create option then edit and fill the slides the way you want. When done, save and ready to use.


Not only can it be used to make presentations but also interesting videos. The attraction of this website is its interactive features which make it easier to operate. Provides lots of free templates and clipart images. Join via the website so you can use the features to make a great presentation or video. There are two paid and free versions of PowToon with a watermark added to your slides.

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