Google’s Preferred Number of Backlinks

Very often beginners ask about backlink services like this “How many backlinks are safe to install?”. The short answer is “billions doesn’t matter”. So no number of backlinks is safe. There are websites with millions of backlinks, and these websites can rank very well in Google search results. But there are also websites that only have thousands of backlinks but are penalized. So Google doesn’t look at how many backlinks from a website, but Google judges whether the backlinks are natural or artificial. Often beginners ask about how many backlinks are safe for new sites or old sites. How many free, even billions of backlinks, doesn’t matter. So there really isn’t a safe number of backlinks, but natural backlinks are much better.

How to Build a Good Backlink

In SEO there are 2 techniques for website optimization, namely Onpage and Offpage SEO techniques. One of the things I discussed this time, namely Offpage SEO techniques. So, I will tell you how to put the right and safe backlinks. However, for current conditions, building the correct and safe backlinks is very difficult, but it doesn’t hurt to try the following tips.

Don’t Plant Backlinks on Illegal Sites

What is meant by illegal sites, namely sites that are prohibited by the government from being accessed, because usually these websites contain malware viruses that are very dangerous for the security of your personal data. One of them is illegal sites, which contain pornography, gambling and other malicious websites.

Build Backlinks on High Authority Sites

In the past, the website’s rating was good or not, seen from the Alexa ranking and seen from the PR (Page Rank). However, currently the websites that are considered good, are those that have high PA (Page Authority) and DA (Domain Authority). You should prioritize building backlinks on your website.

Vary the Anchor Text

What is meant by Anchor Text, namely the keywords in the text that you select or you block the link to enter your website page. Its function is to let the search engine bots know that you are targeting these keywords for your website optimization. To be good in the eyes of the search engines, you make variations on the keywords you want to include the link for. On one page usually have different keywords, but still a topic of discussion. Example: SEO courses, best SEO courses, best SEO courses in Jakarta.

Don’t Exaggerate Backlinks

Usually many newly created websites advise not to overdo it with backlinks. Per day for a newly built website, which has only 5-10 backlinks. If the website is good in the eyes of search engines, then installing lots of backlinks is not a problem.

Backlink Indexing

Building backlinks not only places our website link on the website where the backlink is located, but where our backlink or tier below the main website or money site also needs to be optimized or indexed at least on the pages of search engines like Google. This is done so that the backlinks give strength to your backlink website. Some suggest that fast indexed backlinks can use “Instant Indexer”.

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