what is bing ads

What is Bing Ads

Bing Ads is a form of advertising from Microsoft where you can manage online business ads. Here we can manage ad placement on the Microsoft network, target market locations, languages, etc. The adsAds bing platform is your best friend in online marketing. Understanding what the features and advantages of this platform are will increase your business and sales. Difference between Bing Ads and Google Ads Despite what …


what is facebook ads

What is Facebook Ads

Talking about how to market a product or service for a brand, it can not only be done in conventional ways such as distributing brochures on the street, placing advertisements in newspapers, or by sticking posters on walls. More effective marketing methods are needed to reach a wider market, not only national markets but also international markets. Therefore, marketing your product or service online is one …


what is the airplane bus and train ticket website

What is the Airplane, Bus and Train Ticket Website

Ticket website is nothing but a place to sell tickets or buy tickets online. Like buying airplane tickets, bus tickets and train tickets through the website. One of the most popular websites in Indonesia is Tiket.com.   What is Website Ticket, Bus Train Online Travel Agent Competition is not easy. Just look at some of the giant names competing for the attention of customers to provide and …


what is google my business and its explanation

What is Google My Business and its explanation

Do you have a private business? Is your Business just starting out or has it been running for a long time? You have to adapt to the evolution of a business that is now completely digital. The increased functioning of the internet now appears to be a staple commodity for all groups, making it an effective medium for attracting new buyers. Apart from opening an online shop, …


what are school and university websites

What are School and University Websites

According to wikipedia , a school is an institution for teaching students or pupils under the supervision of a teacher. Most countries have formal education systems that are generally compulsory. In this system, students progress through a series of teaching and learning activities in schools. The names for these schools vary by country, but generally include primary schools for young children and secondary schools for adolescents who …


what is an agency foundation or institution website

What is an Agency, Foundation or Institution Website

According to Wikipedia , government agencies are collective designations including work units or organizational units of ministries, non-departmental government agencies, secretariat of high state institutions, and other government agencies, both central and regional, including state-owned companies, state-owned legal entities, and Regional Owned Enterprises. In the Guidelines for the Formulation of Regional Performance Determination, government agencies are a collective of governmental organizational units that carry out their duties …


amp for wp pro review best amp plugin of 2020

AMP for WP Pro Review Best AMP Plugin of 2020

Implementing AMP on wordpress makes websites very quickly accessible from mobile networks. Website performance increases 4-8 times faster than without AMP. If previously your wordpress website was fast enough and mobile friendly, then with AMP the access speed will increase rapidly, load time is lightning fast, blazing speed, stable, and more than just mobile friendly. Blog visitors also feel comfortable, no need to wait for a long …


what is google suite

What is Google Suite

Having an email with a company domain such as cs@seon.co.id is one of the important things, because it is related to prestige, professional image and company identity. With G Suite, creating an email address with a corporate domain is very easy with a fully featured gmail interface with a user friendly interface. What is Google Suite Services G Suite is a cloud-based service package that lets you do anything, …


what is instagram ads

What is Instagram Ads

Instagram has become a familiar social media platform for people around the world. Now it has reached more than 1 billion users. This data for online businesses is a profitable opportunity to market their products and to be able to reach more potential customers. Realizing the commercial opportunities that could be obtained, IG then launched a new feature, Instagram Ads in October 2013. Without taking long, this …


what is twitter ads

What is Twitter Ads

Do you know the advantages of Twitter marketing that are currently being carried out by many? Twitter as a free social network is currently widely used by businesses to carry out online marketing actions. Not only small companies use Twitter accounts as a promotional tool, currently various large companies in the world also use Twitter as their way of doing cyber marketing. What is Twitter Ads …