4 Ways to Build the Right Brand of a Blog

Large companies spend millions of rupiah to introduce products or services to potential customers. That way they can advertise on television, or sponsor major events, and even pay bloggers to review their merchandise.

The reason people want to visit our blogs continuously and leave competing blogs? That’s our brand. Therefore, on this occasion we will begin to discuss the factors that can build our blog brand in the eyes of internet users so that they will choose to access our blog compared to other sources of information. Here are the factors that you should start paying attention to and how to build a blog brand like what we want, namely

1. Build Your Blog with High Quality Content

Everyone has read the following best blogging tips: “content is king”. But to actually apply it is no easy matter. Moreover, if the information we write is general matters such as SEO strategies or writing tips, the challenge becomes tougher because many bloggers discuss it.

The mistake that many new bloggers make is to write general things without the slightest difference. You can access the top 10 websites and there isn’t much difference between one article and another. My advice, don’t discuss anything if you don’t have a new point of view about the theme you are writing because other bloggers have discussed it in detail.

Brand is the differentiator. It can’t be the same. And that makes you have to be creative and innovative in presenting the information needed by internet users. No matter how bad the writing you publish, as long as it is original and different from your competitors, then it is a good start to improve the brand you are carrying.

Moreover, the behavior of internet users today is smarter. They only want to read well-written, high-quality content. If you can consistently publish high quality content, it will be easier for people to remember you according to the topic you raise. In a short time, you will be known as an expert according to the industry you are in.

2. Take Time To Improve Your Blog Appearance

Good display is clear navigation on your blog. It’s a mistake if you focus on beautifying your blog with various designs but don’t pay attention to the navigation structure.

Take a few days to edit the theme you use. Customize and make your blog look different from other blogs. After all, appearance is one of the things that has a big impact on a good user experience. The better the navigation, the more satisfied your visitors will be. It also makes your blog visitors remember your blog well. When they need information about a topic that matches what you are presenting, they will not hesitate to visit your blog for the umpteenth time. Apart from that, at least you have to consider the following things to strengthen your blog’s brand:

  • Logo

In general, large companies use symbols or logos to strengthen their blog branding. A logo is a representation of the values ​​that your blog carries. So, try to be unique and pleasing to the eye. At least visitors should remember your blog when they see your logo elsewhere.

  • Tagline

The Adidas brand has a popular “just do it” tagline. Apple company has a slogan “be different” which is familiar to the people of the earth. And your blog must also have a tagline that matches the content you publish.

  • Theme

So that there are quite a number of websites that offer amazingly good premium themes on the internet. You can buy these themes at affordable prices. Investing a little money is sometimes a big differentiator for the success of your blog in the future.

  • Header

There are many front end designers who can help you make your blog header more beautiful and different from other blogs. The header is a blog component where there is your logo and blog tagline. Therefore, make sure your blog header design is good enough to support the brand you want to build (the header design is in accordance with the topic you are discussing).

3. Become a guest writer on other blogs

Being a guest writer on other blogs is very rewarding in terms of the branding you build for three reasons. First, when you write to be published on other blogs, you are usually allowed to put a link at the end of the article. If your article is interesting, there is a chance that people will click on the link so that it will be “stranded” on your blog. This means that the number of visitors will increase. And they will more easily remember your blog name.

Second, being a guest writer is an initial challenge for you to prove your expertise. You can take the time to do your research and publish amazingly good content in your industry on other blogs so that visitors to the blog you are guest writing on acknowledge your expertise. Thus your blog brand can increase. Impressing loyal readers of other blogs is the most effective way to turn them into fans of your blog too.

Third, you can build good relationships with other bloggers. By actively writing for other blogs, you will find it easier to interact with other bloggers. This makes your blogger friends provide a link for your posts in front. Just so you know, successful bloggers have such a scheme so that their content is easier to get backlinks that make their content on the first page of Google.

The problem that may occur is only one thing, you are not writing good content. In Indonesia there is still an assumption that if they write something of high quality for other blogs, they feel they are losing out. “Why don’t I publish the content for my own blog?”

Because all need sacrifice. In this world nothing is free. If you just write something casual on other blogs, then your brand won’t be strong. People will not be interested in you and never want to know about you.

4. Don’t Forget to Comment

Commenting on other blogs is a great way to market the brand you are building. You can comment on popular blogs according to your blog topic as many times as you want. My advice, use Google reader so you get the latest information about the topic you raise.

After you finish reading the article, make sure you leave comments that are relevant to the article written. Your comments reflect your personality as an expert on the topic. So, never write comments carelessly.

Also make sure you are part of the first to comment because most readers will also read the comments. In addition to getting your brand recognized, you can also get a lot of benefits from commenting if you do it well.

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