tips in checking your web speed

Tips In Checking Your Web Speed

Checking website speed is one easy and fast way to make visitors linger and feel comfortable interacting with the website. Website speed checks are really necessary, because it can improve the SEO ranking on the website. So how do you check the speed on a website? Here’s the review! Here’s How to Check Website Speed The ways to check website speed that you need to know are as …


tips for making infographics for your web

Tips for Making Infographics for Your Web

Have you ever created infographic content for your website? If not, this article is perfect for those of you who want to try to make infographic content for your website more attractive. That way the number of visitors to your website also increases. Isn’t it fun? Let’s take a look at how to create infographic content for the following websites: What is an infographic? If you are an internet …


keyword research tips to read more articles

Keyword Research Tips To Read More Articles

The first thing to know for people who want to create a blog is how to research keywords or how to research keywords. Don’t be surprised if you choose the wrong way to research keywords, it will automatically create an empty blog for visitors. By choosing the right keyword research method, your blog will not be empty of visitors, because the keywords themselves greatly affect …


the dangers of bad neighbors in seo statistics

The Dangers of Bad Neighbors in SEO Statistics

Sometimes there are websites whose owner is doing reverse optimization but the website is still very difficult to rank. All kinds of on-page SEO techniques implemented and also backlinks have tried to get high points in large numbers, but the ranking seems very slow to move. It turned out to be bad Bad Neighbors or bad Bad Neighbors. This is common on co-hosted websites where …


the dangers of keeping comment backlinks

The Dangers of Keeping Comment Backlinks

The blog commenting method is a method often identified in the black hat world as being considered useless and actually carries a penalty. So the blog commenting method is considered a dangerous method. Is it really like that? Generally speaking, when it comes to black hat techniques, all techniques are dangerous or at least useless. Over the last 5 years we have seen people punished …


simple ways to measure the quality of your competitor s backlinks

Simple Ways to Measure the Quality of Your Competitor’s Backlinks

One problem when facing competitors is the strength of our competitors’ backlinks. If you really want to rank, then you need to be able to beat these competitors’ backlinks. So how can you judge the strength of your competitors’ backlinks for free? To do this is actually quite easy. You can use the free tool to estimate how much competition you are facing.  Simple Ways To Measure The Quality …


the newest way to find quality backlinks

The Newest Way to Find Quality Backlinks

When we talk about how to get backlinks, there are two styles of finding these backlinks. The first is a white hat method that complies with quality guidelines for search engines like Google. While the second is the black hat method that prioritizes comfort. This second technique is classified as web spam. One form of web spam from getting backlinks is the use of BACKLINK …


understanding of anchor text of backlinks

Understanding of Anchor Text of Backlinks

Everyone who does optímasі web site must know that іt link is very important in optіmasі. Either that іnternal link, external link, or backlіnk. Does the anchor text іnі play an important role in the promotion? There are so many people who use backlink service to be confused when asked to give a variety of keywords that are wanted. And it can be said that more than 90% of …


actually do you understand quality backlinks or not

Actually do you understand quality backlinks or not?

Why do you really need to know the quality of the backlinks? The answer is easy; because if your backlinks are not quality, then the incoming backlinks will be useless or even make your website fall into Google’s penalty. So for those of you who are just starting out with backlink optimization, it’s a good idea to recognize what are the characteristics of a quality backlink. I will explain …


backlink software is very dangerous myth or fact

Backlink Software Is Very Dangerous, Myth Or Fact?

Why is it unsafe to find backlinks using software? … What Google is looking for is naturalness, and it can’t be achieved using software. The best thing the software can do is spin content. It’s just that in the 2018 Google algorithm update, brackets appear that can detect loop content. It would be very dangerous if Google applied this to our backlinks. If our backlink …