google adsense recommendations that make money

Google Adsense Recommendations That Make Money

The development of the business world has developed along with technological advances. Where money can be easily obtained through posting on the internet, for example through blogs and the web. Most of the income is earned through advertising, but now it is getting more difficult, then this is a list of the best google adsense alternative sites as a solution to this problem. Most new …


tips for making a web logo online

Tips for making a web logo online

A web can be used as a medium for writing hobbies or even as a place to generate income. However, the identity in it is very important for site development. Therefore, an easy way to create an online blog logo needs to be studied. Before getting into more about how to create one, it would be nice if you also know what a logo actually …


tips for determining a domain name

Tips for Determining a Domain Name

Yes, the first tip is about the number of characters. Try to use the right amount, not too long but not too short either. If you don’t have a custom brand name, you only need a maximum of 12 characters to make it easier to remember and comfortable when you want to type it manually. Use Popular Domain Extensions Furthermore, secondly, you can use the more popular …


ways to build the right brand of a blog

4 Ways to Build the Right Brand of a Blog

Large companies spend millions of rupiah to introduce products or services to potential customers. That way they can advertise on television, or sponsor major events, and even pay bloggers to review their merchandise. The reason people want to visit our blogs continuously and leave competing blogs? That’s our brand. Therefore, on this occasion we will begin to discuss the factors that can build our blog brand in the …


how to create a business blog in easy steps

How to Create a Business Blog in 6 Easy Steps

In today’s sophisticated era, blogs also play a vital role in marketing. If you have a small business, then you should start thinking about building your first blog. There are several reasons why a business should have a blog: Your business looks cool to customers To build user community and maintain good relationships with customers Become an authority and control the information market related to your product …


blogging tips and strategies for managing a new blog

Here are 7 Blogging Tips and Strategies for Managing a New Blog

The internet world is getting denser with blogs. For this reason, every day many new blogs appear to enliven the competition in the information world. But not all blogs will develop as expected. Even to survive and consistently update it feels difficult not to play. New bloggers are not enthusiastic either. But the majority withered before growing out of frustration with the blog’s never-improving statistics. Therefore, in this post I …


here are ways to make blogs look more professional

Here are 9 Ways to Make Blogs Look More Professional

As soon as you create a business blog, your business doesn’t necessarily start. The toughest challenge is getting the right people, those who are potentially interested in your business, to view the content on the blog. But what happens if your business blog is still a mess? Of course those who come will doubt your business and are reluctant to cooperate. Because if the blog still doesn’t …


importance of logos and tips on how to design online logos

Importance of logos and tips on how to design online logos

According to wikipedia, a logo is an image or just a sketch with a specific meaning, and represents a meaning of companies, regions, organizations, products, countries, institutions, and other things that require something short and easy to remember as a substitute for their real name. The logo must have a basic philosophy and framework in the form of a concept with the aim of creating an …


search engines beside google bing yahoo yandex and ask

Search Engines Beside Google! Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and

Google is now known as the most popular search engine in the world or the World Wide Web. As reported by the wikipedia page, there are at least three billion searches every day. This amount makes it the most widely used, in fact as of February 2015 it had 64.5 percent of the market share in the United States. Far beat other competitors in the same field. Google …


what is website seo and the benefits of seo

What is Website SEO and the Benefits of SEO

Many business people are willing to spend money to build a website to taste the power of selling online. Having paid dearly for an attractive website page and attracting potential buyers, oddly enough online sales figures are not encouraging even though they have great potential. Why is that? It turns out that website promotion tactics have not been fully implemented and therefore it is necessary to study …