google s preferred number of backlinks

Google’s Preferred Number of Backlinks

Very often beginners ask about backlink services like this “How many backlinks are safe to install?”. The short answer is “billions doesn’t matter”. So no number of backlinks is safe. There are websites with millions of backlinks, and these websites can rank very well in Google search results. But there are also websites that only have thousands of backlinks but are penalized. So Google doesn’t look at how many backlinks …


without backlinks do not expect the web to go up

Without backlinks, don’t expect the web to go up, really?

Are backlinks still important is a question people have started asking since 2012, and until now the answer is STILL IMPORTANT…. However, the portion of backlinks in ranking today has decreased. So the exact answer is still important but not as important as it used to be, and it really depends on the condition of your website. So what you need to know right now …


the right time to install backlinks on the web

The Right Time To Install Backlinks On The Web

One of the questions that are often asked by beginner friends is “When did my site / blog start installing backlinks?”. Usually this question arises because the website is very new. For those of you who don’t know when your website or blog can be backlinked, the answer is very easy. One hour age is also allowed. The logic is like this…. Think of it as a popular artist …


what is dns how does it work and functions

What is DNS? How Does It Work and Functions?

In this technological era, you may often hear the term DNS. So, you already know what DNS means? If you’re not an IT person, it’s only natural that you don’t know. But you better not catch up. You must know what DNS is, what DNS functions and how it works. DNS or an abbreviation of Domain Name Server is a system that can change the …


much misunderstood about servers

Much Misunderstood About Servers

In computer terms there is what is called a server, of course those of you who understand the world of computers already know what a server means. Well, for those of you who still don’t clearly understand the meaning of a server, let’s discuss it through the following review. A server is a computer designed to process requests or requests and send some data to other …


various kinds of top level domain tld on the website

Various Kinds of Top Level Domain (TLD) on the Website

Do you want to create a website? Know what you want to use? Do you know what the basics you need to know about the basics of creating a website? In fact, not a few of those who use websites or who will create websites know about the basics, namely domains. As you may know, the domain is simply the name used on our website. But is that really true? Even …


the right way to get a free and good vps

The Right Way to Get a Free and Good VPS

As you already know, more and more providers offer Windows VPS function leasing services for the needs of the web site, the more you need to know from each of these providers. This is also very difficult for novice users who want to use a VPS. Usually they prefer to use a free VPS first before making their own using a paid VPS. Because the price is quite …


list of the most optimal web browsers to use

List of the Most Optimal Web Browsers to Use

The Alpha generation features all the most powerful tools, one of the most sought after by all groups is a search engine combined with an internet connection. In fact, its use continues to increase every year. Very practical to use whenever and wherever you are. Not surprisingly, nowadays many of the best web browser applications for browsing have sprung up. However, when using it must also be selective and …


list of websites to test typing speed

List of websites to test typing speed

Looking for a website for a free typing speed test? Relax, no need to leave home, fast typing skills can be learned by yourself. Below will be presented some examples of online sites so that typing skills get better. Competition in the world of work is getting tighter and sometimes a good GPA is still lacking. Must be accompanied by skills or expertise, then the …


list of websites for writing presentations online

List of Websites for Writing Presentations Online

Speaking in front of many people must be authoritative and be able to present the material well. It must be supported by attractive slides. For that, try using a free online presentation creation website so that the audience doesn’t get bored. In fact, several selected platforms provide a lot of convenience when using it. Because it is equipped with various interesting features. Presentation is the …